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Soundtrack: Manhattan (1979)

"...When I originally saw the fim, "Manhattan", back in 1979, I not only viewed, what would be one of Woody Allen's finest films, but I was introduced to the genius of George Gershwin.Until then I was your average kid hooked on rock n'roll.The marvelous tunes that accompanied Allen's tribute to New York City (and some of it's more neurotic inhabitants) truely moved me and made me realize there was something very special about this music.Allen used the music of George Gershwin almost as a secondary character.It gives us a sense of New York City's expanse and beauty (at least in Allen's mind).Who cannot love such beautiful tunes as "But Not For Me", "'S Wonderful", "Embraceble You" and of course the majestic masterpiece, "Rhapsody In Blue". I'll never forget the violin section of this great work of music, at the emotional conclusion of the film.It is just beautiful..."

Manhattan-Soundtrack :


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