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"...Talk about rarities - this is as rare as you can get. This is never-broadcast footage of Woody Allen being interviewed by Granada TV in Manchester in 1971 while he was in the UK to promote 'Bananas' - and it's very funny.

The Granada TV show 'Cinema' broadcast about five minutes of the interview in 1971. What we have here is the unused rushes from the rest of the interview.

When I was working at Granada in the 1980s I came across these raw rushes of the Woody Allen interview in the archive library. You can imagine how excited I, as a Woody Allen fan, was: here were about forty minutes of vintage, 'funny-period' Allen that no one - NO ONE - had ever seen. And when I ed it I wasn't disappointed: Allen deliberately undermines the entire interview process, giving deadpan faux-depressive answers to every question, while the hapless off-screen interviewer struggles to figure out whether Allen is being serious or not. He ends up in fits of suppressed laughter.

I tried to persuade Granada to release the interview on VHS along with Allen's one-off stand-up show which he did for them in 1965, but they weren't interested. So I just kept a copy for myself. Now, I've just been unpacking some old boxes in the attic and found this tape. It's a unique piece of Alleniana, and I'm pleased to be able to share it with you..."


    Thank you so much for this!


    Thank you! Ive just found this site....Briliant!

    On December 7, 2010 at 1:34 AM Anonymous said...

    thats perfect info god bless him

    On December 10, 2010 at 8:23 PM Anonymous said...

    how can I contact the person who has the VHS copy?